Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hard work.

I'm starting this weblog for Olive, hopefully she'll take over most of the input soon enough.
Anyway she visited her family's place where she grew up and managed to get these lovely shots.
For those a bit savvy you can use the GPS info embedded in the EXIF of the photo to find where it was taken (use the clock icon of earth google to wind back from the cloudy default view) but the camera compass is a few degrees awry.
I'd call the beast a water buffalo but Olive (Olivia) calls it a curried boo, or something that sounds like that.

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  1. Ha , ha, ha, ,,,it ' s C A R A B A O or water buffalo ...hard work done by a poor animal , it is the most prized possession of local farmers who couldn't afford the latest technology in farming specially those who are in rural areas ...