Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daraga church.

Olivia went for a walk to the church yesterday to check on how the restoration was going, still plenty to do.
The school must have paid a visit then too but why not it's built at a fantastic site.
Olivia really framed this shot nicely, we had a lovely time here one night just after our marriage.
The church from the Red Labuyo.
Workers wearing appropriate safety gear, though I'd be too scared to walk out the door with "shorts" like those. A proper cement mixer would cost extra.
A close up of one of the wall features, very fancy but he doesn't look Pinoy, more likely an upper class Spanish type whose job was to teach them about evil and sin.
More of the wall.
The road up from Daraga, it looks flat but it's hard yakka to climb, not extreme but a rest every 10 paces helps.

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